Residential Specialty Coating Service in Pittsfield MA

Whether restoring aged metalwork or refinishing classic pieces, we meticulously prepare surfaces before applying coatings tailored to your project. Our professional expertise will enhance the appeal and value of your assets with precision and care.

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    Pittsfield’s Top Residential Coating Experts

    More than a simple service provider, we are the area experts at resurfacing and refinishing all types of residential steel, aluminum, and fiberglass materials. We use our specialized skills and technology to restore the value of your residential assets better than any other service provider.

    Our highly trained technicians have substantial experience working with many types of metal surfaces and fiberglass. We always account for your unique home environment and provide customized solutions for each project. Whether our job is to protect your metal gates and rails from corrosion, help restore the fiberglass panels in an antique vehicle, or provide durable coatings to enhance the appearance of your outdoor rails, fencing, or furniture, you can depend on East Coast Refinishing and Surface Stripping to deliver the finest quality results.

    Why Refinishing Your Residential Assets Is Essential

    Extended Life

    Protects your metal and fiberglass surfaces from corrosion, UV damage, weather damage, and chemical exposure.

    Enhanced Aesthetics

    A clean, professional appearance increases your property value.


    Reducing necessary maintenance on your surfaces lowers your expenses.

    Energy Efficient and Weather Resistance

    Manage heat absorption and prevent wind and water erosion over time.

    Residential Services Provided

    Spray on Truck Bed Liners

    Specialty Paint Application

    Undercoating and Rust Prevention

    Safety and Aesthetic Enhancements

    Automotive Restoration and Protection

    Metal Trailers and Storage Refinishing

    Custom Metal Handrails and Patio Furniture Finishes


    Elevate Your Personal Assets with Our Expert Coating Solutions

    Ready for transformation? Contact us now to elevate your assets with our premium coatings. Request a quote and unlock the power of innovation!

    Types of Specialty Coatings

    Non-paint Coatings
    • Polyurea Coatings
    • Wax & Oil Undercoating
    • Black Oil Undercoating
    • Spray on Truck Bedliners
    Primers & Topcoats
    • Specialty Paints
    • Zincs
    • Epoxies
    • Urethanes

    Only After Careful Preparation is a Durable Coating Applied

    With 3,000+ choices of color, our protective coatings are more durable than simply applying a coat of paint. When contaminants no longer adhere to your equipment, surfaces remain pristine.

    Specialty Coatings For Residential Customers

    Historic Iron Gates

    Historic Wrought Iron Gates

    Wrought Iron Gates provide protection with a sense of style but are susceptible to rust and corrosion over time. Our specialty coatings keep them looking elegant in all seasons.

    Sculptures & Antiques

    Classic Metal Sculptures & Antiques

    With our specialty coatings, you can restore and maintain the value of your classic sculptures or metal antiques and protect them from the effects of weather and wear and tear.

    Automobile Restoration

    Automobile Restoration & Maintenance

    Protect the resale value of your automobiles and restore your vintage cars and trucks with the protection and aesthetic enhancement of our specialty coatings, including tough spray on bed liners.

    Historic Metal

    Architecture, Radiators & Historic Décor

    Our specialty coatings will keep your metal architecture, furniture, and fixtures looking strong and classy and protect them from the effects of age.

    We Carefully Prepare Your Surfaces Before Applying Our Durable Coating

    When we refinish your surfaces, contaminants no longer adhere to your property, keeping it looking fresh and new. Our protective coatings are more durable than a simple coat of paint, and we provide over 3,000 colors for you to choose from.

    Why Refinishing Commercial Assets is Essential

    Frame 168

    Heavy Equipment

    Heavy equipment and storage equipment require special treatment with fade resistant color to protect against abrasion and corrosion while still appearing clean and functional.

    Frame 169

    Transport & Response Vehicles

    We provide paint and non-paint choices such as spray on polyurea truck bed liner for various commercial uses. Once applied your fleet will experience phenomenal resistance to wear, weather, and chemicals while still retaining a professional appearance.

    Frame 170

    Building Facades & Metal Structures

    Restore the curb appeal of your business by refinishing faded surfaces and removing rust stains around exterior metal structures. Improve the aesthetic appearance and provide protection against the elements.

    Frame 171

    Vintage Signs & Storage Tanks

    Refurbishing classic signage and aged tanks on commercial property inspires longevity in business while protecting your brand from the elements.

    What We Have Achieved

    Diligently working with 70+ years of collective experience

    Complete Projects
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    Customers Since 1999
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    Why Choose Us

    Expertise & Quality

    Our unparalleled industry expertise ensures the highest quality in every project we undertake. You never have to wonder if there will be problems with the quality of work or materials or problems with those performing the work.

    Exceptional Service

    The service you receive from us will not end just because you sign a contract but will continue. From consultation to completion, expect a seamless and satisfying experience with our attentive and dedicated team.

    Cutting-edge Solutions

    We leverage the latest technology and innovation to allow us to deliver superior performance and value for your project needs. We work with you to ensure we provide everything you need and expect of our team.

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Certified Coating Services

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      Our specialty coatings are advanced formulas created for all metal and fiberglass applications. We offer specialty primers, topcoats, heat-resistant paints, zinc-based coatings, and epoxy and urethane coatings. These specialty coatings provide superior protection, aesthetics, and durability compared to standard paints and sealers.

      The application of our specialty coatings involves surface preparation, the use of specialized equipment, and a time of curing or drying. We always end with a quality inspection to ensure proper adhesion and finish.

      Our specialty coatings can be applied to various metal and fiberglass surfaces.

      Our specialty coatings can be used on any size metal or fiberglass surface, from roofs and home siding to antique sculptures.

      Each specialty coating’s durability varies depending on the type, application method, and environmental conditions. We customize each application to your needs to provide long-lasting protection and aesthetic enhancement for years and even decades.

      Our specialty coatings require advanced training and specialized equipment to apply correctly. Without the help of our highly trained technicians, the application process may be ineffective and could potentially cause damage to the surfaces you are attempting to refinish.